yes!!! omg elena everytime i see an animal i want to take a picture and send it to you but i have such a horrible camera on my phone. they aren’t big ones, they’re kinda short. one of the guys has seen foxes, that’s what i’m hoping to see soon.

Omfg. I just Googled what they look like because I realised I’ve only ever really seen the one on the Simpsons voiced by Johnny Cash ahahaha. But oh my god they’re so cute. They look like foxes anyway. So excited for you. SO MANY ANIMALS TO BE SEEN.

Feeding Line
Boy & Bear
Feeding Line - Boy & Bear
I got my whole damn life
Caught up in moments entirely of yours
I’m finding it harder to reason in order to grow
And finding it hard is a feeling that all of you know
"Strength does not have to be belligerent and loud."
Russell Brand (via buildings-on-fire)
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Being Vegan is a dietary choice not a way of life ....

Incorrect. Eating a plant-based diet is a dietary choice, which many people attribute to their veganism. Being vegan is a way of life that is about living one’s life as ethically possible. This means being vegan extends cruelty-free living beyond the diet, and means vegans don’t use animals for clothing, cosmetics, household products, work, entertainment and so forth.

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You know, I don't agree with your views at all. Like, at ALL haha. But i give you SUCH props for being so outspoken about them, because even if you don't get people to agree with you, at least you get them to think, and that's more than most people are capable of or willing to do. So I wish you the best in everything, my friend. xx
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You don’t agree with my views? That unnecessarily killing animals is wrong?

How can anyone not agree with that?

My mum just ate a slice of the carrot cake I made and she doesn’t even like cake that much and she said she liked it and even asked what the icing was made of and when I explained what it was I was like, “Why? Did you like it or not like it?” and she said “No, no. I liked it. It’s really sweet and balances out the spicy cake. And I’ll have another little piece now.”

The beach was sooo beautiful today. So sunny and warm and practically deserted. At one stage I laid down and sunbaked on the sand (the position I took the third photo from) and it was so nice. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if my iPod hadn’t died because then I could’ve listened to blissful Nick McCabe jams because I’m telling you there is nothing better than lying in the sun with a cool breeze blowing and “Guitar Full Loop” feeding into your brain. 

Stayed about two hours - I would’ve stayed longer but I didn’t wear sunscreen and got super hungry. :’( Bit sunburnt now anyway but that’ll be gone by tomorrow morning if not tonight (the benefits of having tanned skin I guess).

Also at one stage I walked past a man whose t-shirt said “Shut Up And FISH”. We both nodded and waved at each other but as soon as I passed him I laughed because I’m wearing my “ANIMAL LIBERATION - HUMAN LIBERATION” shirt.